Strategies for Educators to Create and Effectively Incorporate Higher Level Questions

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Teachers typically ask 300 to 400 questions per day.  Higher-level questioning in K-12 education is not just about challenging students; it’s about equipping them with essential skills for academic success and lifelong learning. This professional development course provides educators with practical skills and knowledge to enhance their teaching practices, ultimately benefiting their students by preparing them for academic and real-world challenges.

Half Day Professional Development (approximately 4 hours to complete).

Skill Building for Educators in this Workshop: 

  • Understanding Higher-Level Questions: Teachers will first learn about the different types of higher-level questions, such as those that promote critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, as opposed to lower-level, fact-based questions. 
  • Proven framework for categorizing educational goals, focusing on higher-order thinking skills like applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. 
  • Creating Effective Questions: Educators will learn how to construct effective higher-level questions. This includes how to adapt questions to different age groups and subjects. 
  • Incorporating Questions into Lesson Plans & Classroom Discussion: Strategies for seamlessly integrating higher-level questions into existing lesson plans and classroom discussion, ensuring they align with learning objectives and curriculum standards. 
  • Reflecting on Questioning Techniques: Teachers will be encouraged to reflect on their current questioning techniques and identify areas for improvement. 

              The impact educators make for their students by focusing on asking higher level questions: 

  • Critical Thinking Development 
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills 
  • Encourages Deep Learning 
  • Improved Communication Skills 
  • Promotes Creativity and Innovation 
  • Boosts Engagement and Motivation 
  • Fosters Independent Learning and Self-Reflection 
  • Helps Identify and Address Misconceptions 

After completing enrollment, schools will have unlimited access to this course for 30 days.

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