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What we hear from administrators & educators:

Educators and Administrators need support to align Every Classroom with changing State Standards.

Educators want effective strategies and tools to help their students grow, regardless of where the student is now.

K-12 teachers and administrators want proven best practices and strategies for cross curriculum teaching to support critical thinking and problem solving for their students in all grade levels.

Educators are looking for guidance to manage diverse classrooms in a way that all students can receive a meaningful education.

K-12 teachers and administrators are asking for simple and effective ways to make sense of disparate student and school data to make smart, data driven decisions to best serve their students’ educational needs.

Tools for Success is here to partner with your K –12 school by supporting administrators and empowering your team of educators with a student centric proven approach.

“If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society’s heroes.”
– Guy Kawasaki

Professional development for our educators and administrators is not one size fits all. Our consultants leverage data, like state exam scores, student attendance, and teacher sediment analysis to create tailored plans for each teacher and their specific support needs.

How we serve our clients —

Consulting & Professional Development Services for K – 12 Organizations & Educators

Online Learning for K-12 Educators


Keynotes & Workshops with our CEO, Cathy Tooley


Why take our courses?

Students who are engaged are TEN times more likely to be successful in the classroom.

Effective professional development promotes collaboration among educators, leading to shared resources, strategies, and support systems that elevate the learning experience for their students.

Educators who engage in regular, high-quality PD are more confident in their teaching strategies and are more satisfied with their job, which often leads to increased retention.

The Education System is Broken: Strategies to Rebuilding Hope, Lives, and Futures by Cathy Tooley

Educator, administrator and our Founder and CEO of Tools for Success

What our clients are saying:

“Currently St. Joseph Catholic Schools is in our third year of utilizing Tools for Success services. During this time, Tools for Succes has worked with the administration of our school to create a 5 year plan of student success growth. Not Only has Tools for Success been an invaluable asset to our school administration, have also been tremendous support and source of growth of our teaching staff. At all times they have been a joy to work with and always stand ready to assist our school through various obstacles.”

– Mrs. Brittney King, Principal

“Mishawaka Catholic School enthusiastically recommends Tools for Success for any school or school district looking to make impactful changes. With TFS we have seen growth in administrators and teachers and our classrooms look ‘different.’ Our instruction is purposeful and targeted, and students are engaged in their learning.”

– Karen Salvador, Principal

“Our experience with Tools for Success has been wonderful. Each of the coaches we have worked with has been very knowledgeable, flexible and supportive. We plan to work with Tools for Success for the foreseeable future. I recommend Tools for Success, without hesitation, to any school or district.”

– Leslie A. Napora, Principal

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