Professional Development for Educators

Consulting & Professional Development Services for Educators & Administrators 

Professional Development Consulting Services

Through our tailored annual professional development consulting services, we meet your school and each teacher where they are at and take them through our proven program to achieve your goals. 

Tools for Success Pathways to Success for Educators:

  • Curriculum Alignment
  • Vertical Alignment
  • Creating Highly Rigorous Quarterly Assessments
  • Development of Effective Professional Learning Communities/Data
  • Instructional Strategies

Expected Results for Schools

Enhanced Educational Cohesion and Continuity: Schools that embrace our program benefit from a more cohesive and continuous educational experience for students. The emphasis on curriculum and vertical alignment ensures that students receive a well-structured education where each grade level builds upon the previous one. This approach minimizes learning gaps and ensures a smoother transition for students as they progress through different grades, leading to a more comprehensive and connected learning journey.

Improved Academic Performance through Rigorous Assessment and Data-Driven Instruction: The program’s focus on creating highly rigorous quarterly assessments and the development of data-driven instructional strategies leads to improved academic performance. These assessments provide valuable insights into student learning, enabling educators to identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement. Consequently, teachers can tailor their instruction to better meet the needs of their students, leading to a more effective and impactful learning experience.

Strengthened School Community and Professional Development: Schools that participate in our program foster stronger professional learning communities. This benefit extends beyond the educators to impact the entire school culture. A collaborative and supportive environment among teachers leads to a more positive and nurturing atmosphere for students. Furthermore, the continuous professional development of teachers ensures that students are always learning under the guidance of educators who are up-to-date with the latest educational strategies and best practices. This ongoing improvement in teaching quality directly benefits students, leading to enhanced engagement and learning outcomes.

Positive Movement in Student Data: In every one of our partner schools, there’s a consistent pattern of positive student growth. This achievement paves the way for success beyond high school, whether it’s in college, trade schools, or direct entry into the professional world. Like our school partners, our commitment is not just to immediate educational outcomes, but to lifelong success and readiness for all post-secondary paths.

Expected Results for Teachers

Empowered Curriculum Mastery: Educators gain highly effective skills in aligning curriculum, ensuring that their teaching strategies are directly in sync with educational standards. This alignment empowers educators to deliver content that is not only relevant but also deeply rooted in the core objectives of their educational system.

Enhanced Vertical CollaborationTeachers level up their proficiency in vertical alignment, fostering a collaborative environment across different grade levels. This approach promotes a seamless educational experience for students as they progress through grades, with each educator understanding and contributing to the continuous learning journey of their students.

Expertise in Rigorous Assessment DesignTeachers are equipped with the tools to create highly rigorous quarterly assessments. These assessments are designed to challenge students and accurately measure their understanding and application of key concepts, thus driving educational excellence and student achievement.

Development of Strong Professional Learning Community (PLCs)Educators leave with a framework to develop and participate in effective professional learning communities. With our 40-minute protocol, teachers gain tools for meaningful collaboration and engage in continuous professional growth, thereby creating a culture of shared learning and mutual support within their schools.

Data-Driven Instructional Strategies: Educators gain new data analysis skills to make decisions and implement meaningful changes to their instructional strategies while keeping student success at the forefrontTeachers leave skilled at using data from various sources to inform and adapt their teaching methods, ensuring that instruction is targeted and effective in meeting the diverse needs of their students.

Tailored Spring & Summer Educator Summits  

Looking for a partner to host a professional development conference or summit for your community of educators?  Whether it’s a school, school district, education consortium or grade level or subject specific group of K -12 educators and administrators Tools for Success is here for you!  We tailor our summits to meet the specific needs and goals of your community of K -12 professionals.

Topics can include: 

  • Best Practices to effectively implement changes in State Standards and testing. 
  • Classroom Management 
  • Vertical Alignment 
  • Engaging and Effective Cross Curriculum Strategies & Tools 
  • Cultural Competency 
  • Creating Rigorous Work 
  • And more… 

    Principal Coaching

    Many of our administrators frequently operate as solitary figures, leading to feelings of isolation and burnout. Recognizing this, we aim to offer a sense of community and robust support to these leaders. Whether in-person or online, we offer coaching, consultation, and tailored assistance to address the unique needs, initiatives, and goals of Administrators. 

    • One on One Coaching 
    • Group Coaching  

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